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Members of the 2020 Green Team celebrate Hogan's Hershey Championship in 2015

Our Mission

To Develop the Player

We have different missions for our teams depending on their age groups:

At all levels our mission is to instill responsibility and accountability in all of our players on and off the field while being committed to the team and Hawk Program.  Our players will understand how to work hard, practice hard, and be a good teammate and that is the minimum expectations for all players.  As lacrosse players our mission is to develop them as lacrosse players: fundamentals, skills and greater understanding of the game.  At all times our mission is to develop our players.

At the 3rd and 4th grade levels we create an environment of learning the game at the basic level(fundamentals), enjoying and understanding being a part of team, and wanting to play more all the while creating a competitive environment.

At the middle school level our expectations of individual commitment will increase as will our level of commitment to the team and the overall program.  In the latter years of middle school our mission will be to prepare the player for the pace, intensity level, and skills required to play at the next level in high school.

At the high school level our expectations will increase as will our preparations to prepare the players for their experience to play in college. In addition, our mission increases to provide the players maximum exposure to college coaches through "recruiting" tournaments and assistance with their college search.  We will assist the player and the family with their search process leaning on the years of experience our administration and coaches have a college coaches, parents who went through the process, and high school coaches.

More Than Lacrosse

We believe in the opportunity for players to play with players from all over the local area. The experience for young people to play with guys they normally play against allows them to develop friendships they normally would not be able to.

We are about developing the individual player with skill sessions, as a team player with practices and game awareness with games.

This is not just a tournament team. It is about more than playing.

We are about DEVELOPING the player. This is "More Than Lacrosse."

2016 Team Celebrates the 2015 King of the Hill Championship

Our Teams

Teams by Grade: 3 through 11

We select our teams based on the Grade they are currently in.  Our league, HoCo, and the tournaments we play in are GRADE based events.

We wish to provide the lacrosse players of this area a competitive lacrosse experience throughout the summer months. The HAWK program is dedicated to developing the individual player along with developing the team to have success in tournament competition. This program allows players from different spring teams to compete together while also creating friendships with players from around the area. We have alumni from the HAWKS attending the following high schools: St. Mary’s, Severn, Spalding, Old Mill, Annapolis, Kent Island, Queen Anne's, Broadneck, Northern, Boys’ Latin, St. Alban's, Key, Severna Park, South River, North Caroline, and DeMatha.

The tryout numbers and competitiveness will determine if we will have more than one team per grade. At this time our interest is high. 

This is about being on a very competitive team and becoming a better player through competitive tournaments, quality coaching and player effort.


All Over

Our players are from all over. Part of this experience is to meet new players from other areas. Hawk rosters have had players from Annapolis, Severna Park, Arnold, Davidsonville, Hyattsville, Bethesda, the Eastern Shore, Ocean City, Washington, DC; Calvert County, Salisbury, Dover Delaware, and Pasadena; and everywhere in between. The players enjoy playing with players they have played against all spring and ones from all over Maryland; all programs and regions are important and valuable to us.

HAWKS alumni and current players represent the following high schools: Gonzaga, Severn, St. Mary's, Spalding, Kent Island, Queen Anne's, Broadneck, Stephen Decatur, South River, Annapolis, Severna Park, St. Alban's, North Caroline, DeMatha, plus others.

We have players at the best lacrosse and academic colleges and universities on the country. A partial list of college with HAWKS on their roster will be: Harvard, Georgetown, Cornell, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, UMBC, Mt. St. Mary's, Virginia, Fairfield, Ohio State, Towson, Salisbury, Washington College, Franklin & Marshall, Gettysburg, Stevenson, Navy

We look forward to having players get to know one another and create friendships in addition to becoming teammates and better lacrosse players.

The teams will participate in various tournaments, depending on grade level, attend fall, winter, spring, and summer practices and have the opportunity to improve individual skills in our voluntary Skill Sessions. Please see our "Events & Service" then "Tournaments" for “tentative” dates for all the events  along with a brief description of each. The experience of the players over the last two years has been extremely positive with improvement in their game, having fun with players they have competed against, and spending weekends with their families during some of our “hotel” tournaments.

This is not just a tournament team. It is about more than playing. We are about developing the individual player with skill sessions, as a team player with practices and game awareness with games.

We are about DEVELOPING the player.


BJ Burlace (left), Will Tominovich (center), Alex Wicks (right)

Why Play For the Hawks

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Parent on use of Krossover

My son has been looking at plays on Krossover in evenings.  He's seeing a bunch of things that you guys were telling him but it has more of an impact when he sees himself doing it.  It is motivating him.  These films are helpful.

2021 Hawks in Byrd Stadium

Hawks play before Terps

2014 Hawk Parent

"I wanted to let you both know how much fun the boys had this season. We truly appreciate all that you do for the kids- the time that is put into the Hawk organization by you both and the coaches. We feel extremely lucky to be a part of the Hawks & are always proud to say our boys play Hawks lacrosse. We just really appreciate all the hard work by everyone including the kids & just wanted to let you know. I am a little sad that the last tournament is over but looking forward to tryouts."

Coach Kelly and Matt Sita Celebrate Championship at Hogan's Hershey

Fantastic Video for Players Watch